• Announcing the release of our new album Hidden Broken Pieces and our single Wonder Why in May of 2018
  • Band interview on The Homegrown Rocker Show with Professor Jim Price at QwikRock 105.9 FM Sunday August 5th from 8-10 pm. .... its easy to do just click on the above link and when you get to their homepage ... just click listen live !!!
  • Tukurpa has received 2 new Grammy Nominations in 2018 ... one for our new album "Hidden Broken Pieces" and one for our single release "Wonder Why" ... Our Executive Producer Joey Welz also has picked up one for our album for Producer of the Year !!! Check out the details on our exposure page.
  • Tukurpa welcomes India as our 23rd & newest Country to air our music playing our song "Circumstance and Evidence" ... Many thanks !!! Check out the new update world map on our exposure page.


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Tukurpa (pronounced 2-kerpa) a Canadian-American Records, Orchard Music and Sony Music recording artist is now an 8 time Grammy Nominated band with a Top 40 Hit and has always been an all original music making machine since its conception. Tukurpa consist of the following members ... Carl "Craig" Hancock - Bass, Percussion, Vocals ... Matt Kramer - Lead & Rhythm Guitars ...  Chris Arnold - Drums, Percussion and Jamey Reisinger - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Violin.

Tukurpa's primary focus is on recording and releasing music worldwide through our record company. We release singles every 6 months or so to now 10,000 plus radio stations around the globe. We also have representation at MIDEM the Independent music Festival in Cannes, France every year for the last 10 years. We have been downloaded and streamed all over the USA and many countries all over the world too many to list. Our Top 40 hit was in New Zealand in July & August of 2010. We are always up to help with a benefit, playing a festival, always up to playing and/or appearing on a radio show and as in the past will open for semi-national acts. Private parties are always fun !


1:   Dream of Me - A song about a love not forgotten .. not dead but alive. Will you Dream of me tonight?

2:   Leprechaun - This one is about 2 lovers during the Leprechaun Wars.

3:   Angel - When the Angel of death comes calling....

4:   Happy Tune - Some one in a Jewish concentration camp call for one last dance ... one last Happy Tune.

5:   Wonder Why - We are destroying the planet that keeps us alive ... please Wonder Why!

6:   Picture Frame - A song about domestic abuse.. Emotions stored away in a Picture Frame inside. This one is a rock waltz. (1-2-3)

7: You Change - I Change - When relationships Change making you Change.

8:   Sacrifice - The ultimate Sacrifice is given......

9:  Blue Skies - Its got that summer time driving with the top down feel to it. Look at the Blue Skies!

10: Circumstance & Evidence -  To save oneself and keep your sanity, sometimes the Circumstance & Evidence points to one conclusion.


Our artwork, an idea inspired by Craig and in collaboration with our artist Paul Inzeo and brought to fruition is a mad world "Alice" type theme that runs from the front cover to the back with some cool features. First of all you can search for the hidden pictures that represent our 10 new songs on the front cover. (there are other hidden pics too) Plus you can color all of it . If you want color the front, the back and even the CD label.

Here are the 10 song hidden pictures to look for . (some are easy - some not so easy to find) In song order on the CD

1- someone is daydreaming   2- a four leaf clover   3 - angel wings. 4 - some really happy  notes   5 - a broken Earth   6 - it's borderline you'll find this one   7 - some change with "U" & "I"   8 - a cross to bear   9 - look up (the only color)   10 - Blind Lady Liberty hoist her scales of justice

Just to keep you busy there's a few other pictures hidden by our artist.

Enjoy our new Cd please let us know what you think and please feel very free to play it anywhere anytime ... Rock on !

Much love from Planet Tukurpa, 

Our new Album -- Hidden Broken Pieces

On the front cover is where the entertainment begins ... look for the hidden pictures representing our 10 new songs ... and if ya want  .... COLOR IT !